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MECB is interested in establishing a long-term business relationship with its clients. We infact consider our clients as our partners. We want repeat success for our client-partners as we believe that this leads to repeat business for us. Our professional service approach is simple - 'Give the customer what they want, on time at the agreed price.' The only breach to our quality service charter that is permitted, is to occassionally give the customer more than they asked for - but still on time and at the agreed price. We are aware that product development involves some measure of jumping into the unknown.

From past experience, we also know that clients do not want to enter into some open-ended budget approach in achieving your goals. Our approach involves in working with you from the outset to compile a formal project plan. This plan will highlight the key milestones and distinct phases of your project - clearly identifying the costs and deliverables. When we've achieved the deliverables for each phase, we seek your agreement to proceed to the next phase. From our experience, this is the only way to give you full risk-control over your project.