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The aim of  Module 0 is to provide a general introduction to the whole concept of 'Circular Economy', understand its importance and thus foster an attitude towards exploiting it.   For any queries you may have, please contact by email  Roger Esteller-Curto on

The aim of  Module 1 is to better understand what ‘Circular Economy’ is, identify Circular Economy processes and benefits in business, and to define the characteristics of Circular economy and identify the collaborative processes that contribute to circular economy.

The aim of  Module 2 is to describe the concept of Servitisation, together with the characteristics, advantages and difficulties of Servitisation.  It also aims to explain what the Servitisation Business Model is and how it can be identified.

The aim of Module 3 is to give a better understanding of the relationship between Circular Economy and Servitisation, to understand the concept of value chain and the difference between product and service value chain, understand the importance of customer involvement, and learning about Green Entrepreneurship.

The aim of Module 4 is to give more information about business value and how this can be improved through Circular Economy and the importance of Environmental management systems and ISO rules.