This course consists of courseware for VET trainers interested in the topic of Circular Economy. The content is the result of work carried out by the KA2 Erasmus+ consortium Engage, details at

  • This module provides an introduction to the basic concepts of the circular economy. Some history and its policy context for delivering more sustainable environmental practices in an organisation or in the workplace are described. Focus of module is also in the environmental, economic and social benefits that can be generated for an organisation. Finally, it will introduce the idea that the individual can play in helping to identify business improvement opportunities in the workplace.

  • This module focuses on the principal types of resource efficiency/circular economy activities that can be implemented, building on the waste hierarchy principles set out in the EU Waste Framework Directive. The module provides examples of each type of activity intervention explaining the impact through waste reduction avoidance, illustrated by case studies.

  • Circular economy thinking needs to be implement within and organisation and needs to realise business value to be successful. This module looks at the challenges around implementation, identifying the value, monitoring impact and communicating these benefits to a wider audience. The module also looks at training methods that promote entrepreneurial/ innovative thinking in the workplace, beyond what might simply be regarded as step change improvements.

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