Welcome to LogiCAD @ Malta

This is the EU Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) LogiCAD webpage mirror hosted by MECB Ltd. MECB is the Maltese part in this project coordianted by ITA of Spain. In ths web page, you will find details of the LogiCAD project events being held in Malta. In addition, you will have links to information emerging from the project and the other partners. If you are a stakeholder in logistics, please contact us so that we add you to our mailing list for project related events. We hope that you will frequently vist this webpage !

Why LogiCAD ?

The logistics sector acts as a support to an important European economic sector - the industrial sector. This means that achievement of a competitive industrial sector at international level will benefit from any relevant support to the logistics sector. Deciding how to best handle and deliver products from one place to another, whether within the same industrial plant or from one production site to a client in another country can sometimes be a complex problem. The aim of the LogiCAD project is that of providing stakeholders working in this sector with skills to make them competent in using Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools in this complex activity. For this reason, the LOGICAD project will be generating eLearning courses and case-studies on how CAD can be used in the Logistics sector. In addition, there will be a number of seminars and on-site mentoring services from which stakeholders can benefit.