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JoyAR Grundtvig Partnership Project

MECB Ltd. is a partner organization from Malta taking part in the JoyAR
Grundtvig LLP Partnership Project. JoyAR is aimed at promoting
‘enjoyment in learning’ through the use of Augmented Reality (AR).
Please visit this site regularly to get updates on project events taking
place both in Malta and across Europe.

Project Objectives:

The 2-year JoyAr partnership brings along 9 partners from different
EU Member States with the aim of sharing knowledge about the
3-Dimensional digital technology known as Augmented Reality (AR)
and to explore how it can be employed to create effective and
joyful adult education and training environments. Through a number
of transnational mobilities and following a review of how AR is
currently exploited in education, the JoyAr consortium will prepare
a number of casestudies in flyer format, to help both the consortium
partners and others appreciate the benefits AR brings to education
Emerging Project Results:
Malta Project Kick-Off Meeting
  • Kick-off (Malta) Meeting Photos
Athens Trainng Workshop & Meeting
  • Athens Training Session & Meeting Photos
May 2013 Malta Public Seminar
JoyAR Book


This project has been funded on behalf of the European Commission (EC) by Malta's European Union Programmes
Agency (EUPA) through a Grundtvig LLP Learning Partnership Grant No. LLP/GRU/MT/PART/04/2012. The content
in this web page is the responsibility of the partnership and not of the EC or EUPA