EU Member States (MS), in correlation with the EU Lisbon Agenda goals have an obligation to improve their overall innovation potential. As a matter of fact, the EU Commission has an Innovation Policy (see http://trendchart.cordis.lu) that employs an innovation scoreboard rating (using e.g. number of patents registered, life-long learning and how much SMEs innovate in-house) to assess how much each MS is innovative. Design is one key activity that contributes to innovation in the MS. In this respect, European Citizens need to be professionally trained on designing innovative artefacts, this in itself requiring the transfer of knowledge on both design technology and methodology. This implies that training in CAD, as one type of design technology needs to be professionally delivered and certified to an international level by competent testing centres. The eventual training of CAD Operators and their harmonized certification via ECDL is thus an important step towards the exploitation of CAD as a technology supporting the Innovation in Europe and this its Member States. In this respect, the CECA project will, through its partners, disseminate information and training services to relevant stakeholders on available ECDL CAD courses developed.

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