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"Sustainable Innovation" For an Enlarged EU

...an EU Funded Course being held on the Mediterranean Island of Malta

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th September 2008

The Course In September 2008, MECB Ltd will be hosting an EU-funded course on the topic of Sustainable Innovation For an Enlarged EU. Adult, European citizens interested in spending a week in Malta to learn about this topic can apply to their National Agency (see below) to obtain a grant of 1,500 Euros to cover costs incurred in attending this EU approved course. This course builds upon work that was developed by a group of expert coming from across Europe through the euSDET Grundtvig Project. Of relevance to interested individuals is that the Island of Malta offers a number of interesting case-studies concerning Eco Innovation and Sustainability because being a small island state, it has an interesting and challenging combination of social, economic and environmental issues that need to be tackled in an innovative way. In addition, as expected with Grundtvig/Commenius in service training courses, participants will be able to experience a number of cultural activities available in the Island of Malta, whilst networking with other participants coming from across different European countries.
The Course Organizer:
MECB Ltd is a Maltese SME with years of experience in developing and delivering high quality, specialized training courses and consultancy services. MECB Ltd has also experience of participating in a number of EU projects. Photos of past, international training sessions organized by MECB Ltd in Malta can be browsed.
Who can apply for an EU Grant?

Although Commenius/Grundtvig In-Service Training Grants are primarily intended for stakeholders involved in adult training, you do not need to be a teacher/professor. In fact, a wide range of people can apply for these in-service training grants, for example:

  • adult educators in any field and the trainers of such educators;
  • heads and managerial staff of institutions/organisations providing adult learning opportunities;
  • staff involved in intercultural adult education or working with migrant workers and travellers;
  • staff working with adults with specfic educational needs;
  • staff working with persons at risk, for example, mediators and street educators;
  • counsellors or career advisors;
  • additional categories of adult education staff at the discretion of national authorities
  • qualified and practising teachers of an official language of the EU (or Irish or Luxembourgish) as a foreign language;
  • trainers of foreign language teachers;
  • teachers re-training as a foreign language teacher;
  • inspectors or advisors in the field of language teaching.
How to Apply for an EU Grant?
To secure a grant of 1,500 Euros to attend this course, you must apply to your EU Grundtvig/Commenius National Agency (click here for contact details of your National Agency) by not later than 31st March 2008 on application forms they will provide. To do so, you also need to first have an invitation letter which states that you have been provisionally accepted by MECB Ltd for this course on 'Sustainable Innovation for an Enlarged EU.' To obtain this provisional letter of acceptance, kindly fill and submit the simple (one page only) pre-registration form below, as soon as possible to Jackie Borg.

> Downloadable Pre-Registration Form

Course Fee: The training course fee is of Euros 650, covering training material, lectures, course visits, coffee breaks and morning lunch. This fee can be paid later from a 1,500 Euros grant awarded by your EU Grundtvig/Commenius National Agency. Participants from non-EU countries are also welcome to attend this course but as they are not eligible for an EU grant, attendance will be from their own funds.
Places will be reserved on this course on a first-come-first served basis when course fees are paid.